Excellent非常新淨Accuphase 金嗓子後級 P-300X / Power Amplifier (Excellent Condition)


Accuphase 金嗓子後級 P-300X / Power Amplifier (Excellent Condition)

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刊登日期:2019-11-28 17:11:04

Accuphase P-300X / Power Amplifier 【Accessories】Power Cable (230V) 【Age 】1980 / Made in Japan 【Condition / Note】 Cosmetic Condition : There is no large scratch. / In view of the age has maintained a beautiful state. Playability : play great, In regular tuning, is playing state is great. 【Specification】 Model stereo power amplifier Continuous average output (20Hz~20kHz, less than 0.01% distortion) Stereo when using: 200W + 200W (4Ω) 150W + 150W (8Ω) 75W + 75W (16Ω) Bridge connection at the time: 400W (8Ω) 200W (16Ω) Total harmonic distortion rate (0.25W~ rated output, 20Hz~20kHz) Stereo when using: 0.01% (4Ω) 0.005% (8Ω) 0.005% (16Ω) Bridge connection at the time: 0.01% (8Ω) 0.01% (16Ω) IM distortion (new IHF) 0.003% Frequency characteristic 20Hz~20kHz +0 -0.2dB (rated output, level control maximum) 0.4Hz~500kHz +0 -3.0dB (output 1W, level control maximum) 0.4Hz~150kHz +0 -3.0dB (output 1W, level control -6dB) Gain stereo when using: 27.8dB Bridge connection at the time: 33.8dB Load impedance stereo when using: 4Ω~16Ω Bridge connection at the time: 8Ω~16Ω Damping factor (new IHF, 50Hz) stereo used: 150 Bridge connection: 75 Input sensitivity / impedance Stereo when using: 1.4V / 50kΩ (rated output) 0.11V / 50kΩ (new IHF, 1W output) Bridge connection at the time: 1.17V / 50kΩ (rated output) 0.06V / 50kΩ (new IHF, 1W output) S / N (A correction) Stereo use at the time: 120dB (rated output, input short-circuit) 100dB (new IHF, 1W output) Bridge connection at the time: 110dB (rated output, input short-circuit) 90dB (new IHF, 1W output) Stereo headphone low output impedance type Subsonic filter 17Hz, -12dB / oct Output meter logarithmic compression type, with peak hold switch -40dB~ + 3dB, and an output Direct-reading scale Semiconductor used Transistor: 42 pieces FET: 12 pieces IC: 7 pieces Diode: 61 pieces The power supply voltage AC100V / 117V / 220V / 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz Power consumption is no input at the time: 80W 8Ω load rated output when: 550W Dimensions normal: width 445 × (including legs) height 160 × depth 373mm Wood case when mounted: Width 466 × (including legs) height 190 × depth 385mm Weight 22.5kg









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